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Maths Homework and assignments online assistance


I am an online educator, teaching  Math to students of grades 8th to 10th.   

 Over the past 32 years, I have instilled mathematical skills in more than 15000 students. I have mastered techniques, formulated tips and tricks to make mathematics simple and exciting.

Making lessons as per the Childs'  Math ability is my forte. My focus is to help students comprehend Math concepts with certainty and score good grades in school exams with a strong establishment of the subject.

Rooting the concepts with lots of patience and care is my key strategy.

Course Highlights :

  • Comprehensive coverage of all topics

  • Chapter wise worksheets

  • Guidance till exams

As a teacher , I was always surrounded by kids. I found that children who liked
math (not that they were excellent in the subject) , they were extroverts,
outgoing in their behaviour  , would participate in all competitions without
inhibitions and vice versa.
But there was always a phobia towards the subject . Sleepless nights before
the exams, tension for parents.
As a Math teacher I consider it as my responsibility to eliminate this phobia,
to get children like the subject. Because solving a math problem is so gratifying
as achieving a big goal in life. This in turn boosts the self confidence and self
esteem in the child , which is a building block for the future.
So I have formulated some tips and tricks to make the concepts simple, and


Services :  Revision lectures for class 10 Board exams (CBSE/ ICSE/ Maharashtra Board)

Batch Requirement : Minimum 10 students .

 Admissions in progress for class 9 and 10 for the next academic year.

Contact :

Phone  Number :   +91 9221610134

With phone no. and number of students.

Our team will get in touch with you.

Anjana's Online Math Classes

Hi there, I’m Anjana Satheesan

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